Top 5 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World !

2. Voynich Manuscript


In 2009, researchers at the ‘College of Arizona’ utilized the procedure of radiocarbon dating on an original copy, written in an obscure dialect, to set up the way that it was made in the mid 1400s. This book is broadly called the Voynich Manuscript, named after a Polish bookworm, Wilfrid Voynich. For a long time specialists have attempted to unravel the dialect however even after rehashed endeavors, the report is yet to be deciphered

. Other than content, the script contains drawings of odd plants and divine bodies, hence implying that it might have been composed by medieval researchers. A few people are even of the conclusion that it might have been made by outsiders. After thorough endeavors to divulge the mystery behind the original copy, the main surmising is that it is from Europe. Subsequently the complete story behind despite everything it remains a secret.

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