5 Interesting Things About Lord Hanuman That You Did Not Know !!

2. Pawanputra Hanuman Was An Incarnation Of Lord Shiva


Hanuman was the child of Anjana and the monkey ruler Kesari. Anjana was an ethereal pixie who served in the divine castle of Lord Brahma and was clearly self-fixated and prideful. In her vanity, once she maddened a savvy who thus reviled the celestial magnificence that her excellent face would transform into one that of a monkey the minute she begins to look all starry eyed. Ruler Brahma took pity on Anjana and sent her to earth where she was stricken by Kesari. The two then traded marital promises.

Anjana who was an ardent aficionado of Lord Shiva longed for the Lord to take birth as her child. Subsequently she start contemplating to assuage the God. At last Shiva conceded her the help that he will incarnate on this planet as her posterity.

Lord Dashrath of Ayodhya had four rulers however was still childless. On exhortation of his state cleric, the King directed a yagna to satisfy the all-powerful. As offering to the Lords, kheer, a sweet dish, was arranged and was disseminated among the four rulers of Dashrath. While Kaushalya, the eldest ruler was going to have the kheer, a Kite grabbed away a bit of it and took off. On Shiva’s direction, Lord Vayu, the God of Wind, set the sweet offering close Anjana who was charmed in contemplation. She trusted the kheer to be a gift from Lord Shiva and expended it. In this way Anjana’s child, Anjaneya, came to be known as an incarnation of Shiva and child of Lord Vayu or Pawan Putra Hanuman.