5 Interesting Things About Lord Hanuman That You Did Not Know !!

Hanuman or Anjaneya or Sankat Mochan is maybe a standout amongst the most venerated and loved gods in the Hindu sacred texts. The Lord is an encapsulation of Shiva and represents quality, dedication, sympathy and steadiness. The stories of Hanuman have taught us various lessons; his caring administration for Rama shows us the significance of genuine kinship. His unfaltering confidence in the god-like emphasizes the genuine meaning of confidence and love. Continuously enthusiastic to help those in need, he generally remained for reality and dharma. Our youth was aplenty with stories in regards to the Monkey God who gulped the sun and who helped Rama in his fight against the ten headed evil spirit. Yet, past the story of Ramayana, there are various stories which we are not all that acquainted with. Here we have endeavored to convey to you a gathering of uncommon and unheard stories about our darling Bajrangbali. Enjoy your tasteful faculties and take in somewhat more about Pawanputra.

1. Story Of Hanuman’s Birth


At the point when Lord Vishnu chose to incarnate on earth as Rama, Lord Shiva declared his yearning to serve him. Shiva’s expectation annoys Sati as she would need to stay separated from her dearest spouse. Learning of Sati’s worry, Shiva guaranteed to send just a segment of him to earth with the goal that he could satisfy both the reasons. In any case, the structure which Shiva ought to receive for his rebirth turned into a reason for extraordinary pain to both Sati and Shiva. At long last after much pondering, Shiva chose to expect the type of a monkey, as the modest animal can support with a basic way of life and is free of all subjugations of station and customs. Along these lines he took birth as Hanuman, who served Lord Rama with most extreme dedication.