5 $exy Video Game Moments You Were Never Knew !

4. Meryl’s Pantsless Metal Gear Solid Cutscene 



We’ve as of now discussed one concealed minute in the Metal Gear Solid arrangement, obviously there must be others! Truth be told, what we have here are two minimal easter eggs from the diversion’s first portion. Every one includes Meryl, and takes only a smidgen of work to discover.

Firstly, amid a grouping where you’re watching out of a ventilation shaft at Meryl and a DARPA boss that you protected before. On the off chance that you take a gander at Meryl amid this time, then leave the vent and re-enter, you’ll see that Meryl is occupied with another workout administration. Do this again and her workout will continue changing, yet before long this strategy will see Meryl practicing the routine in her underpants.